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Service, maintenance & installations

ProMeko AB offers several services in the service, maintenance and equipment installations.


Preventive maintenance and service.
In order to maintain a plant's original performance and delivery capacity, focus is required on well-functioning maintenance work. We provide services that increase your plant's operational reliability and profitability. We offer services for the entire life cycle.


Why Maintenance?
As components age, the probability of component and system failures increases over time. Such defects often lead to costly repairs, loss of production and sometimes indirect damage. Such situations should be avoided. Preventative maintenance generates valuable product-specific documentation, such as reports and manufacturer recommendations that help the equipment owner plan for continued use of the equipment and subsequent migration to a new product.

Why ProMeko AB?

we attach great importance to building strong and lasting partnerships with our business partners and with the customer in focus, we build long-term relationships ..



we attach great importance to building strong and lasting partnerships with our business partners and with the customer in focus, we build long-term relationships ..


Why ProMeko AB?

Accounting services

ProMeko can offer most services in accounting and finance.

- Accounting   - Tax advice
- VAT reporting   - Education accounting / accounting
- Tax return   - Invoicing
- Financial statements   - Budget  
- Annual report   - Control information
- Declarations  
- Payroll management


We cooperate with ..

Per Mordt AS
Adelio Lattuada
Glaston Genuine Care
PSY International

SomeProMeko AB projects..

Installation Lattuada TL-11

New installation of Lattuada TL-11 at GlasTeam AB in Malmö. During V43, a new grinding machine was...

Service Vertmax 2.6

Service Vertmax 2.6 in CG GLASS AS in Vennesla A major service work at CG Glass AS in Vennesla. •...

Installation Bavelloni grinder, and cutting table

Installation Bavelloni grinding machine and cutting table at Vegårshei Trevare AS Installation of...

Installation Vitrosep water purification

Installation Vitrosep water purification Modum Glass AS installs a new water treatment system, the...

Service Intermac Jet

Service & Maintenance at Thorsbergs Stenhuggeri AB Service of Intermac Jet, hard disk and...

Upgrade of ProE-CC-2442

Upgrade of ProE-CC-2442 Upgrading of ProE-CC-2442 and renovation of the cooling system ProMeko AB...

Installation of Battellino FP6 at Proglas AB Alingsås.

Installation of Battellino FP6 at Proglas AB Alingsås. ProMeko AB has been honored to install the...

Renovación de rectificadoras

Renovación de rectificadoras Durante la semana pasada, ha sido oportuno realizar algunos trabajos...

Moving grinding machines in Norway

Moving grinding machines in Norway Back in Norway, this time for moving some grinding machines....

Service grinding machines

Service of grinding machines Karlstad and Fredrikstad V.40 Service of grinding machines, Linshi 10...

Installation Lisec KSL

Moving Lisec KSL grinding machine to Finland Installation of Lisec KSL grinding machine and...

Disassembly Lisec KSL-Slip for moving to Finland

Disassembly Lisec KSL-Slip for moving to Finland Disassembly of Lisec KSL-Slip and washing...

Upgrade Vitrosep CN140 Securit, Estonia

Upgrade Vitrosep CN140 Securit, Estonia Upgrade of Vitrosep system. The update means that the...

Installation Bottero Laminating Line

Installation Buttero Laminating Line Installation of new lamination line. The lamination line is...

Relocation of Bavelloni drilling line

Relocation of Bavelloni drill line ProMeko AB moves Bavelloni drilling line at Värnamo Sliperi...

Dismantling of HTF-3 2136 at Uniglas AB in Pauliström.

ProMeko AB dismantles HTF3 tempering furnace in Pauliström. The furnace will now be moved from...

Installation Bottero cutting line

Installation Bottero cutting line ProMeko AB installs a Bottero cutting line at GFAB in Alstermo....

Installation Vitrosep CN-140 Water treatment plant.

ProMeko AB Installera Vitrosep reningsverk CN 140 i Alstermo. 4 st frekvens styrda renvatten...

Dismantling of water treatment plant in Pauliström

ProMeko AB dismantles treatment plants for glass processing machines in Pauliström. ProMeko is...

Moving cutting table GFAB

Move smaller cutting table at GFAB in Alstermo Together with Gunnarsson's Industriteknik, a...

Installation saw at GFAB

Installation saw at GFAB Now it's time to install the fire saw that was dismantled in Stockholm....

Installation HTFS-2448 Johannesburg

Installation HTFS-2448 Johannesburg ProMeko AB installs and upgrades an HTFS-2448 in Johannesburg....

Moving ProE Magnum 2860 in Alstermo

Moving ProE Magnum 2860 in Alstermo ProMeko AB moves ProE Magnum 2760 from GFAB Alstermoglas to...

Removing Laminate glass line in Lillehammer

Disassembly lamination line with autoclave ProMeko AB together with Glasmek AB took care of the...


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